I bet you're wondering if I'm patient...

Solely because of the amount of puns I entertain on a very regular basis, I'm going to say yes.

The greatest inconvenience I've encountered is thanking someone for their patience. A sincere gesture that often ends up sounding sarcastic. But "forbearance" is too morbid, and "long suffering" is simply over the top. It's something I'm still working through. (Suggestions welcome.)

Puns aside, I'm intentional about being patient when approaching projects and clients and new ideas. It's my top priority to absorb as much information as possible, whether from project details or topic research. I absolutely love learning. Hence the masters degree. Not that I was eager to double my student loan debt, but I really wanted to obtain more tools for that advanced-level of thinking. Creating things that are sexy, stylish, and sleek is absolutely exciting! But if they don't serve a purpose or solve a problem, it's quite useless. (Unless we're talking about art. Art is great.)

Finding and creating solutions for seemingly insurmountable problems is the both the scariest and most exciting part of what I do.

Speaking of exciting, I probably have a dozen "favorites" in any given category. (And then another 4 "absolute favorites".) There's basically a ton of things that I just genuinely love and enjoy and it doesn't take much for me to be excited. Think of your quirky, optimistic Phoebe with the sarcasm and awkwardness of Chandler. (Or, for my Living Single fans, an unexpected yet even mix between Synclaire and Maxine.)

First time I ever took the Myers-Briggs test, I got ENTJ, which is hysterical because I've probably gotten about 6 different outcomes. Since the results are ssooo circumstantial, I'd say it's ultimately a tossup between ENFP and INFP. Basically an introvert with a big personality and deep crave for adventure.

Shoot me a message if you'd like to chat or exchange ideas or grab a cocktail.