Context: Freelance
Date: March 2019
Type: Branding

A client in the Washington D.C. area had an idea to create a luxury dog spa. A few colleagues and myself decided to make that vision a reality, and that started with brand identity and logo creation.

First Round

Second Round

Option 01: Charcoal & Peach with Copper

This color palette immediately conveys luxury with the shimmer of copper balanced by the bold darkness of charcoal. Evident yet subtle, this palette speaks to the high end consumer ready to enjoy life’s luxuries without the need to flash it.

Option 02: Pink & Grey with Silver

Unquestionably catering to the female demographic with hues reminiscent of lipstick and nail polish, this palette appeals to proud dog moms and their effeminate male counterparts.

Option 03: Pink with Gold

Also catering to a more feminine audience, this palette utilizes a bright gold to emphasize the element of luxury, complemented by a bright pink reminiscent of a high-end boutique jeweler or clothing store for women.

Option 04: Tangerine & Mocha with Deep Gold

With a mocha and deep gold that brings to mind the iconic “Beverly Hills” sign, these hues scream sophistication, tradition, and luxury. This androgynously elegant palette is fitting for your J Crew- alpha male who is deeply attentive to detail, the working man or woman used to nothing short of first-class accommodations, as well as the affluent stay-at-home mother and her daughter, both of whom enjoy the finer things in life. The tangerine adds a subtle touch of warmth and light like that of a gas lamp outside a five-star resort, or the warm embers of a fire place symbolic of comfort and home.

Option 05: Cool Neutrals

Completely distinct from the others, this palette pushes us to see Lily & Bear in a different, yet equally considerable way. While the former palettes embody boldness and sophistication, these cooler hues reflect a clean, soothing freshness that takes migrates us from Beverly Hills to the Mediterranean Coast. Like a serene beach getaway with an ocean front view, these colors and textures remind one of an elegant retreat complete with fluffy cushions, clean, embroidered towels, and the scents of fresh-pressed linens.

Final Round

Runner-Up: Navy & Neutrals with Gold
Winner: Charcoal & Peach with Copper