Context: ASU Grad School, Advanced VisCom Design Studio – Exhibit Design
Date: December 2017
Type: Exhibition, Campaign

An entire semester was spent juggling the roles of subject expert, museum curator, and museum designer. This exhibit explores the unique, creative, and remarkable costume and set design work of award-winning artist Tony Walton in the 1978 masterpiece The Wiz. Set to display during for fortieth anniversary of the cult classic, visitors have a “walk-through” of the movie and can not only view the actual costumes worn by Michael Jackson, Diana Ross, and others, but also the sketches from which they were all derived.

Towards the end of the walk-through, there is an interactive experience that submerges visitors into one of the most popular scenes of the movie. Audio headphones are provided for visitors to listen in sync with each other while viewing the corresponding 360 projections on the walls and walking along the “yellow book road” that changes colors but also responds to each footstep.



Nexa Light

Nexa Rust Script H 1

Nexa Rust Sans Black 3

Color Palette

Golden Gold

Mean Green


Dark Grey

Light Grey




3D Model